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Mortgage Pre-Application

Before filling out this form, visit or to file a free credit report.
Your score must be at least 640 to submit this pre-application form.

Personal Information (Applicant)

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Do not set an appointment until you have all required paperwork.


  1. Copy of most 2 recent 2 years tax return with W-2's (complete return) for all persons on the Pre-Application. Must be signed.
  2. Copies of last 4 pay stubs.
  3. 2 years rental history including names and addresses for landlords. If you have lived with someone (i.e. parents or family members), please include their names and addresses for proof of residency even if you did not have to pay rent.
  4. 2 years employment history including names, address, and phone numbers for each place of employment. If you have a 401K or retirement fund, we must have a copy of the most recent 401K statement or retirement statement.
  5. Copies of 2 most recent bank statements for all checking and savings accounts. All pages (i.e. if it says "1 of 4"). We have to have a monthly ending balance, and history does not provide end of month balance. It must be the statements, not a printout of history.
  6. Copy of drivers license for each person on the loan. Copy of social security card for each applicant.
  7. Copy of Resident Alien Card (if applicable).
  8. Copy of divorce papers for any previous marriages within 5 years.
  9. Copy of court ordered child support (and ID number for county) or last 12 months cancelled checks showing payment if not court ordered.
  10. Copy of any bankruptcy papers (all schedules) if applicable.
  11. Home Buyers Certificate (USDA Direct Loan or getting down payment assistance).
  12. Copy of social security or SSI award letters (if applicable). Must not be over 60 days.
  13. You must not increase your debt or change jobs without contacting our mortgage department.

If self-employed, you must have your most recent 2 years tax returns, personal and business, with all schedules, along with a year-to-date profit/loss statement and balance sheet.

(863) 967-8527

522 Magnolia Ave.
Auburndale, FL 33823