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    Guaranteed Rural Housing Load Income Guide Lines

    (Make under these amounts)

    1 - 4 person $91,900.00

    5 - 8 person $121,300.00

    You must not increase your debt or change jobs without contacting our mortgage department 863-967-8532

    Little Closing Cost

    Guaranteed loan benefits include:

    • Higher Loan to Values. No down payment is required. The maximum loan amount is 100% of the appraised value
    • Low Monthly Mortgage Insurance (MI). Mortgage payments low pmi allow the borrow to have more available income each month.
    • Competitive Fixed Intrest Rates: Guaranteed loans offer 30 year fixed intrest rates.
    • Flexible Credit and Expanded: Borrown with non-traditional credit histories may be eligible.
    • Must provide 12 months of Home Owners Insurance at closing.

    Eligibility criteria:

    • Be a US citizen, Permanent Resident, or Qualified Alien.



    Direct Loan Program

    A 640 Credit Score or Better

    No Closing Cost

    100% Financing

    Minimum Household Adjusted Income

    1 - 4 People $49,350.00

    5 - 8 People $65,150.00

    100% Financing

    0 DOWN

    No Application will be turned in without a $25.00 Credit Report Fee

    Check or Money Order Made Out to

    Must bring to the meeting

    1. Copy or your Drivers License.
    2. Last 2 years Tax Returns with W2's NO transcripts
    3. Last 4 weekly pay stubs (Bi-weekly need 2)
    4. Copies of 2 most recent bank statements with complete Bank number, all pages.
    5. Copy of SSI or SSD aware letter (if applies)
    6. If self-employed, you must have your most recent 2 years tax returns, personal & business, with all schedules along with a year-to-date profit/loss statement and balance sheet
    7. Copy of Credit Report and Score, go to Middle score counts

    (863) 967-8527

    522 Magnolia Ave.
    Auburndale, FL 33823